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(Fwd) PNEAC Web Site Receives "Site of the Week Award"

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From:          "Wayne Pferdehirt" <pferdehi@epd.engr.wisc.edu>
Organization:  Engineering Professional Developmen
To:            printech-and-printreg@great-lakes.net
Date:          Wed, 17 Feb 1999 09:59:03 CST
Subject:       PNEAC Web Site Receives "Site of the Week Award"
Reply-to:      printech-and-printreg@great-lakes.net

I thought Printech and Printreg subscribers would like to know about
this award given to PNEAC's Web site.  Congratulations to the entire
PNEAC team, especially Todd Schumacher and Bob Gifford, for their hard
work and creativity in making the PNEAC Web site the valuable resource
that it is.  And thank to our users for spreading the word about the
Web site and your suggestions on how to make it even better. -Wayne

>Congratulations! Your site has been recognized as a shining example to
>the printing and graphic arts industries. It is with great pleasure that
>we present to you the "Site Of The Week" award from the editors at

Review comments by PrinterSpace:
"Printers' National Environmental Assistance Center
This is the most comprehensive site on the web for printers seeking
environmental information. Any question you may have regarding the
environmental policies or concerns in the printing industry are
covered here. Sections include email discussion lists, industry
compliance info, national and regional contacts, fact sheets, case
studies, and conference listings. There's no need to check any other
site for industry environmental information. It's all here."

>PrinterSpace is a portal site for the printing industry, with traffic
>exceeding well over 100,000 hits per month. PrinterSpace was launched in
>1996 by INX International Ink Co. as a public service. The site offers a
>directory of over 100,000 printers worldwide, online forums, and an
>industry-wide search engine. It is also home to the archives of the only
>printing industry-related Usenet newsgroup, "misc.industry.printing."
>Warm regards,
>Jody Hartwig
>PrinterSpace Editorial Staff

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