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RE: EMS Training-Reply


Beth had a good idea. One of the companies on that list is Excel
Partnership. I took my ISO 14000 lead auditor training from them in 1997.
It was excellent. Another PENNTAP specialist took their course two weeks
ago and had the same reaction. You can contact them at
<www.excelpartnership.com> or (800) 374-3818.


>The American Society of Quality maintains a list of ANSI-RAB accredited
>course providers for ISO 14001.  These providers would likely be able to
>talk about EMSs in general if this is your interest and can tailor a course
>to your audience if you have a sufficient number to attend the class, for
>instance, take into account a regulator's perspective.
>I recommend calling ASQ at 800-248-1946 and requesting a list of certified
>course providers.  You may then contact the 12 or so firms on the list for
>public classes being offered in your area or discuss having a class offered
>at your site.   As a note, although there may only be 12 or so course
>providers on the list, they often affiliate with local consulting groups
>when offering training classes.  For instance, North Carolina's EMS pilot
>facilities wanted an internal auditor training class.  I wrote to the list
>and got a response from a NC firm that wasn't on the list, but was
>affiliated with an accredited course provider.  They have some sort of
>system for filtering information to their network of consultants.  A final
>note, no one-day class is likely to be accredited.  Usually, just the 3 and
>5 day classes are officially approved by ANSI-RAB.
>Beth Graves
>EMS Project Coor.
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>> Hi folks,
>> I am looking to get a one-day training on environmental management systems
>> for
>> our regulatory folks.  They are including EMS's in SEPS and additional
>> training on understanding them better would be helpful.
>> Does anyone know of folks who provide this type of training?
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Andrea
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