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Re: EMS Training

I have two sources for you.

Excel provides briefing sessions.  They also do training and support client
preparation efforts.  The person to contact is Suzan Jackson at

The second is Underwriters Laboratory (UL).   They are an RAB Auditor for
ISO and do not provide training as such.  They probably would be interested
in providing a briefing session to you and interested manufacturers.  A
contact is Gus Gimiitis at 516-271-6200 ext. 22329.

"Andrea Kreiner" <akreiner@state.de.us> on 02/17/99 09:39:48 AM

Please respond to "Andrea Kreiner" <akreiner@state.de.us>

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Subject:  EMS Training

Hi folks,

I am looking to get a one-day training on environmental management systems
our regulatory folks.  They are including EMS's in SEPS and additional
training on understanding them better would be helpful.

Does anyone know of folks who provide this type of training?

Thanks in advance,


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