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Re: Plastic vs. Paper Grocery Bags

The people voting for the cloth bags should look to see if they are made
from cotton.  If so, they need to read why the apparel industry (lead by
Pattagonia) have been switching to organic cotton.  Cotton is a major
source of environmental contamination in its agricultural stage.  EPA has a
P2 manual on textiles that demonstrates this very significant impact.  If
you are performing a LCA of this bag, I am sure that it would not look as
good as you all think it will.  Maybe one of our LCA gurus could tell us
just how bad this looks.

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>USE REUSABE CLOTH BAGS (made from a renewable fiber resource!)  Little waste
>created in the manufacture and possibly washing.  Just take your own bags to
>the store!  If the thing wears out, compost it.  
> Problem solved.  Simple math.  Am I missing some complex equations?

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