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RE: Informal EMS Survey Results

To add to the list:

We are piloting our Alaska Environmental Leadership Program. It is a tiered
program (e.g environmental achiever, sustainer, and leader).  The leader
level requires an EMS, among other things.  The lower tiers require various
EMS components.  The program links business activities to regulatory and
other incentives. We have been working on the program for about 2 years.
The pilot projects will end in August at which time the department will
consider steps to formalize the program and/or various elements of the
program.  Call me for details.

David Wigglesworth
555 Cordova Street
Anchorage Alaska 99501
dwiggles@envircon.state.ak.us <mailto:dwiggles@envircon.state.ak.us> 

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	Hi Folks,

	Remember last week when I said that I was changing jobs and that I
	wouldn't be posting any more messages on P2Tech?  Well.... I lied. 

	Finishing up one more project associated with the old job and
	remembered that I promised to post the results of my informal EMS
	survey to P2 Tech.  Wouldn't you know it? - an old PPIS Grant Final
	Progress Report was holding me up.  I'm sure that none of you have
	been late with these things!!

	Anyway, attached in ASCII text format, please find the running
	results of the 19 or so responses I received from my informal EMS
	survey of a few weeks ago.

	Use as you see fit.  Delete if that works for you too.   

	Farewell again -- this time it's for real!

	Vince Perelli - Senior Planner
	Formerly P2 Program Manager
	NH Department of Environmental Services
	6 Hazen Drive
	Concord, NH 03301
	603 271-2902  (to change in a couple of weeks)
	603 271-2867
	v_perelli@des.state.nh.us  (to stay the same)  << File: EMSSURVY.TXT