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Incentives for "Beyond Compliance"

Hello, all:

Sorry for cross-posting.

Several Nebraska interests are gathering information to support a
collaborative project between industry, regulators and environmental
groups.  Our discussion is open with one caveat:  we are NOT trying to
create an award.  The intent of the project is to devise a proposal for
legislative action.  The proposal needs to do two things, 

1- Establish measurable criteria necessary to qualify a business or
industry as having met a superior standard, of going "beyond compliance"
with environmental regulations, and 
2- Provide [identify & fund] incentives for the business or industry to
pursue the "beyond compliance" standard.

I've just finished queries of the P2Tech archives and am asking if you
can add to our lists of criteria and incentives below  (I have not
incorporated the P2Tech archive material as yet, e.g., Pat Gallagher's
Green Zia criteria).  While the archive has some nice entries on taxes
and tax credits, I'd like to know how your state has chosen to fund P2

An overview of what we've found from other state Voluntary Pollution
Prevention and Waste Reduction Programs:

> In general, a business or industry must meet these criteria:
>         1) be in compliance with existing environmental regulations
>         2) initiate or have an existing environmental management system or other pollution prevention plan
>         3) be open to a public notice or public review
>         4) complete a successful application process.
> Businesses or industries are offered a variety of incentives:
>         1) faster permit review
>         2) reduced regulatory burden
>         3) some type of recognition or award
>         4) reduced fees, financial credits, or other cost savings
>         5) permits with longer life spans
>         6) reduced inspections
>         7) various construction waivers

Thank you for your time.



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