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Re: P2Tech: Aluminum

I have facilitated the development and implementation of comprehensive
pollution prevention programs at three primary aluminum mills in the United
States.  I have done pre-baked anodes, horizontal stud Sodaberg, and
vertical stud Sodagerg technologies.  I have collected some P2 and process
literature on this element of the aluminum industry and would be glad to
share that information with you.  In order to get the full life cycle, you
will have to look at bauxite mining (aluminum is not mined), alumina
production from bauxite (there are only a few such facilities in the United
States), and secondary aluminum (rolling) mills.  Primary aluminum is made
from an electrochemical process.  There are some recent air MACT standards
for this primary aluminum category that will provide much information on
the process.  These MACT standards can be found in the Federal Register and
are probably available on the Internet.  Please contact me directly if you
want more information on this industry segment.

At 05:57 PM 2/24/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Can anyone direct me to a good starting point for information about 
>aluminum mining, processing and related waste streams?
>Karl Kistler 
>Dept of Chem Eng and Mat Sci 
>University of Minnesota

Dr. Robert B. Pojasek 
Pojasek & Associates 
P.O. Box 1333 
E. Arlington, MA 02474-0071
(781) 641-2422 
(617) 788-0288 (FAX)