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Re: Groundwater P2 Efforts


The new (so new that the final is at the printers at this moment) U.S. EPA 
Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance (OECA) Sector Notebook: 
"Profile of Local Government Operations" includes, among many other things, a 
section on Water Resources Management (including groundwater/wellhead), with a 
pollution prevention subsection that has some success stories, P2 tips, list of 
resources, etc. that you may find useful.  Also you might contact Mr. Lee 
Drummond, City of Dayton, OH, Water/Environmental Management Division at 
937/443-3782 (No email) for information on Dayton's outstanding program. 

J. Bruce Suits
Pollution Prevention Manager
City of Cincinnati
Office of Environmental Management
Two Centennial Plaza
805 Central Avenue, Suite 610
Cincinnati, OH  45202-1947
Phone:     513/352-6270
FAX:       513/352-4970
email:     bruce.suits@cinems.rcc.org

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Subject: Groundwater P2 Efforts
Author:  Rusty Harris-Bishop <Rusty_Harris-Bishop@p2pays.org> at INTERNET
Date:    2/24/99 1:42 PM

I am looking for programs that deal specifically with groundwater P2
efforts, and what ideas or programs were implemented to protect groundwater
from pollutants and contaminants, including salt water intrusion.  I'm aware
of the Groundwater Guardian program, which we've got going in a few
communities in North Carolina, but I'm looking for some concrete examples of
things technical assistance providers and regulators can do together.  

If anyone has any ideas or sources, I'd greatly appreciate it.  Thanks!

*       Rusty Harris-Bishop
*       NC Division of Pollution Prevention
        & Environmental Assistance
*       919/733-4398
*       919/715-6794 fax
*       Rusty_Harris-Bishop@p2pays.org