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Re: Recycling Nickel and Zinc Waste in Texas

Did the evaporator process mention that no you are transferring the
waste into another media (air) and this could subject the facility to
another set or regulations, and additional tracking.  Most facilities in
our area adjust pHs or add chemicals to precipitate out the metals. 
However, in your situation, I believe you want no discharge, so
recycling the wastewater in house coupled with some type of
precipitation process would make the metals recoverable and the water
reusable, reducing water usage, hauling costs and purchase of new
materials.  EPA has several guidebooks on wastewater reuse on their site
or check the Envirosense database http://es.epa.gov/  for specific
methods currently used.  I hope this is a start for you in your search.
>>> "Daniel N. Webster" <dnwebste@mines.edu> 02/25 2:33 PM >>>
Does anyone know the best place to start, in finding a company or
organization, in the Austin, Texas area, that would take or buy a
concentrated Nickel and Zinc solution for recycling?

I am trying to put together a process that would remove the Nickel and
Zinc from a waste stream.  The end result has to be zero discharge to

So far I have found that by using an evaporator process I can minimize
the volume by 95%.  The remaining volume would be a highly
solution that I would like to have recycled in some way.

Thanks in advance
Dan Webster

Golden, Colorado

Colorado Department of Health and Environment