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FW: Battery recycling

I do not know about these companies, but it has been known for some time
that NiCd batteries that appear dead (will not hold a charge) can sometimes
(about 40% - 60% of the time is what I heard from a battery manufacturer)
recover their memory (battery manufacturers do not like this term).

You discharge completely then recharge completely three times (two times
works most of the time) and if the battery then hold the charge, its fixed.
I rigged a simple apparatus with a 1.5 v auto light to discharge the

Some companies sell a ready made charger/discharger that will do this

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> P2er's -
> A couple of companies offer recharging services for Ni-Cd batteries - 
> Battery-Works (www.battery-works.com) and Battery Doctor
> (www.batterydoctor.com).   Both claim to be able to remove existing
> "memory," making the battery good as new.
> I am curious as to how reliable the process is and what the
> rechargeable battery industry response has been.  Does anyone have
> any knowledge on this process or these companies?  
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