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substitute for zinc dipped steel -Reply


Silanes are a hot new item in the replacement of chromate, phosphate, and other metal pretreatments in the metal finishing industry.  This includes the use of silanes as a substitute for the zinc phosphating of cold rolled steel.  You'll have to investigate further to determine if silanes represent a cost effective option for the company you are working with.  At the 1998 US EPA Region 5 Waste Minimization/P2 Conference, in Chicago, Dr. Wim van Ooij (see below) gave a presentation on silanes and identified the following background articles:

Wim J. van Ooij, PhD
University of Cincinnati
P.O. Box 210012
Cincinnati, Ohio 45221-0012
Phone (513) 556-3194
Email: wvanooj@uceng.uc.edu

*Sol-Gel Processes for Corrosion Control of Metals*, Wim van Ooij, Vijay Subramanian, Terrie Child, paper presented at the Workshop on Advanced Metal Finishing Techniques for Aerospace Applications, Keystone, Colorado, August 1998.

*Novel Chromate Replacements in Metal Finishing*, Wim van Ooij, Vijay Subramanian, Terrie Child, presentation at the US Navy & Industry Corrosion Technology Information Exchange, Louisville, Kentucky, June 1998.

*Protecting Metals with Silane Coupling Agents*, Wim van Ooij and Terrie Child, ChemTech, pp. 26-35, February 1998.

*Bonding Rubber to Metals by Organofunctional and Non-Functional Silanes*, Wim van Ooij et al., paper presented at Euradh *98 * 4th European Conference on Adhesion * WCARP-1, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, September 1998.

*Pretreatment of Metals for Painting by Organofunctional Silanes*, Wim van Ooij et al., paper presented at the 1997 Int. Symposium on Advances in Corrosion Protection by Organic Coatings, Science University of Tokyo, Noda, Japan, October 1997.

*Silane Coupling Agent Treatments of Metals for Corrosion Protection*, Wim van Ooij and Terrie Child, paper presented at the 4th Int. Forum and Business Development Conf. On Surface Modification, Couplants and Adhesion Promoters, Boston, Massuchusetts , September 1997.

*Silane-Based Pretreatments of Aluminum and Its Alloys as Chromate Alternatives*, *, Wim van Ooij, Vijay Subramanian, and J. Song, paper presented at the Int. Symposium on Aluminum Surface Science & Technology, Antwerp, Belgium, May 1997.

*On the Use, Characterization and Performance of Silane Coupling Agents Between Organic Coatings and Metallic or Ceramic Substrates*, Wim van Ooij et al., American Institute of Physics, pp. 305-321, 1996.

You may also want to try searching the company Brent America as they were mentioned in the above presentation as being active participants in on-going research.

David Herb
Technical Assistance Engineer
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Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
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>>> JAMES LOUNSBURY <LOUNSBURY.JAMES@epamail.epa.gov> 02/26 9:42 am >>>
I received a call from someone working for a company (wants to stay
anonymous for now) .  They manufacture cold rolled steel components
for commercial construction suspension systems.  They want to improve
their product's corrosion resistance by swiching to a hot dipped
zinc/galvanizing system.   They want to know two things: 

Is there a environmentally better substitute for hot dip zinc/galvan steel?
If they use hot dip zinc/galv/steel, is there a market for the scrap they will

Jim Lounsbury
703-308-8463:  Fax 703-308-8433