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RE: Employee Awareness

Hi Bob,

This a little of the beaten track.  You may want to consider using our P2 Quiz as a supplement to more "serious" material that is presented.  You can find it on our website at http://www.pprc.org/pprc/quiz.html and it is also in the Winter 1999 edition of P2 Review.  

As an example for using the quiz, it could be used as a fun activity during the safety meetings, with free ice cream for the "Deans of Green."  We've heard from a number of large NW companies (Boeing, Arco) that they'd like to use it to build P2 awareness among employees.  One way:  handing out coffee mugs with the quiz rolled up inside.  One cautionary note: the landscaping and lawn watering questions may not be applicable to audiences outside the Northwest.

Just an idea - another way to get awareness.


From:  Robert B. Pojasek[SMTP:rpojasek@sprynet.com]
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Subject:  Employee Awareness

I had a company ask me to provide information on pollution prevention that
could be presented to about 700 employees to build awareness.  This
information would need to tell them what P2 is all about (without
definitions written by lawyers or policy wonks).  It must be clear and be
understandable to all employees.  They would present this information in
safety meetings that are required for all employees.  Does a simple handout
come to mind?  Is there something on the Internet that would satisfy this
need?  I really want them to follow through on this, since it is THEIR


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