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Workshops on Business School Faculty Training on Environmental Management

April 2, 1999

International Project on Business School Faculty Training on 
Corporate Environmental Management

The California State University at Hayward (near Oakland) will be holding a
series of training workshops on environmental management for American and
Asian business faculty later this year.  CSUH has partnered with the
business schools of De La Salle University in Manila and Tammasat
University in Bangkok to help all three schools develop courses on
environmental management with funding from the US Information Agency.  The
project director is Dr. Ricardo Singson, Professor of Marketing at CSUH,
email RSINGSON@barney.sbe.csuhayward.edu.

The workshops will establish the common understanding needed for long-term
collaboration among the three business schools on teaching practical
environmental management and sustainable business in undergraduate,
graduate and executive education business programs.  The CSUH project is
funded by the US Information Agency through 2001.

A particular focus of the workshops and CSUH project will be on approaches
for offering environmental management training to the Asian suppliers of
multinational corporations who are concerned about greening their supply
chains.  This project will establish capability for offering such training
in the future, using respected local business institutions in Asia.

There will be three initial workshops in 1999:  California May 13-14,
Manila June 22-23, Bang-kok June 29-30.  Each workshop will be two days.  

The first day is an intensive overview of 
- theories and practice of sustainable business
- the Sustainable Value Chain and Life Cycle Scoping for functional and
strategic management
- status of academic research in environmental management
- reviews of sustainable business training approaches, materials and
resources for each academic discipline (accounting, strategy, operations,
marketing, etc).  

The second day will be open roundtables between participating faculty and
invited  business managers who are implementing profitable environmental
strategies in their businesses.  The objective is to help business
professors and potential employers of their students work together on the
best way to give those students skills in sustainable business strategy and
tools to meet the needs of employers.

The workshops will be led by Burton Hamner, Adjunct Professor of Operations
and Environmental Management at the Asian Institute of Management,
president of Hamner and Associates, and webmaster of the Sustainable
Business Webspace (www.mindspring.com/~bhamner).  For more information on
the Sustainable Value Chain and Life Cycle Scoping approaches that will be
used in structuring the training, please visit the Sustainable Business

The project is being coordinated with the Management Institute for
Environment and Business in Washington DC, the leading organization
supporting management education about the environment.  Please visit the
MEB website at www.wri.org/meb.

Participation in the workshops is open to business faculty and
environmental faculty from the US and Asia, and to corporate environmental
managers and corporate training directors.  Participation is limited so
early registration is suggested.

Collaboration with interested parties in sought to improve the
participation and academic resources for the workshops.  To participate in
the workshops, send a fax or email to Ephi Banaynal, Institute for
Sustainable Development and Environmental Technologies, California State
University, Hayward California, USA (510) 885-3557, email
ephi_fb@yahoo.com.  You will be sent a brochure by fax or email.  To
discuss the training curriculum, please contact Prof. Burton Hamner at
bhamner@mindspring.com.  To discuss the overall project, please contact Dr.
Ricardo Singson at RSINGSON@barney.sbe.csuhayward.edu.

The future of industrial environmental sustainability depends on teaching
today's business students that environmental considerations in business are
normal and manageable, not something to be resisted or marginalized.  The
workshops will be a learning process for all concerned and is intended to
produce a training product that can be delivered to business schools around
the world.  We hope you will participate in training or project development.