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RE: Employee Awareness

Dear Dr. Pojasek:
Here's one suggestion for the company. Have them describe their own 
to their employees, along with the costs for disposal. For example, they 
do a poster or slide on each wastestream from each part of the company's 
process. Then, they could ask their employees for ideas on how to reduce or 
eliminate the waste, and of course they could always offer some sort of 
financial incentive. Like a raise - company-wide of course. (In a former 
I was a union organizer.) 
I have done several presentations at elementary schools on waste disposal 
and P2. The 7 and 8 year olds are enthralled by pictures of landfills. Yes, 
they love the big machines, but they also get the connection between what 
picked up from their street on garbage day and how it piles up. Why should 
adults be any different?

Barb Bloomfield 
P2 PADEP Southeast Region