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Fwd: Waste Recycle

>Date: Mon, 05 Apr 1999 14:54:50 -0400
>From: Kevin Courtney <kpc@ufl.edu>
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>To: listman@wmrc.hazard.uiuc.edu
>Subject: Waste Recycle
>Dear Mrs. Merrifield,
>Our students are working on a project of energy, production and waste
>minimization for a facility that manufactures underground enclosures
>boxes. These are made of fiberglass mixed with a polymeric resin that
>gives them great strength after the exothermic curing reaction. They
>also manufacture lids made of sand, calcium carbonate, gravel and the
>same polymeric resin. The question we have is if somebody knows if this
>material can be re-used: injected back in the production line for
>example. Currently the facility pays another company to dispose of the
>We beleive that a solution would be to sell the waste to some company
>that might want to use it as raw material, or recycle it somehow. We
>wonder if there is any compactor, hammer mill, or crusher that might be
>of common use for this precesses.
>We would appreciate very much any help on this.
>Waiting for your news we remain,
>Cristian Cardenas-Lailhacar, Ph.D.
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>Industrial Assessment Center
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