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Re: oil and grease training


I do not have a current contact, but Disney World did an exhaustive study
several years ago and developed a series of tools to help them conduct the
study.  Contact their utilities department whom I am sure will be helpful.

Alan Rimer

Greg Newman wrote:

> Hello Everyone
> Our department is in the early planning stages of developing materials to
> assist both POTWs and restaurants with oil and grease management issues.  We
> hope to coordinate assistance from sizing a grease trap to permitting a
> restaurant. If anyone has experience with these issues, has developed
> training / outreach materials, or has any suggestions, your input would be
> greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.  Greg
> Greg Newman
> NC Div. of Pollution Prevention & Environmental Assistance
> PO Box 29569
> Raleigh  NC 27626-9569
> Ph: (919) 715-6515  Fax: (919) 715-6794