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Juice Boxes

In response to an inquiry from one of my colleagues in the PA Department of
Environmental Protection, we are seeking an alternative to landfilling juice
boxes from a processor in Pennsylvania.  

To describe the producers' situation, the firm: 
	-	purchases the boxes pre-printed and in a long continuous "
	-	folds the bottom of the box prior to filling with juice,
	-	dispenses the juice into the box and seals it.
	-	However, a few boxes fold improperly and are rejected.  

The boxes are seven layers of paper, plastics and metal.  The juice
processor has adopted quality control measures to reduce the numbers of
reject boxes.  The food processor would like to find a recyclerr in PA or in
a state bordering southern or eastern PA if possible.  There is not enough
tonnage of waste boxes to transport for any distance.  One suggestion is to
find out if the pre-printed carton manufacturer sends rejected lots to a
recycler.  Perhaps the carton manufacturer can accept returned clean boxes
to send to its recycler.

Another waste is heavy cardboard-like cores that hold the preprinted box
paper.  These are about 8 inches long and are very dense.  Will these
recycle?  Since these contact cood cartons, I am not sure the cores would be
able to be reused by the pre-printed box manufacturer. 

Of course other waste reduction suggestions would be presented to the
processor as well.  

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