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[Fwd: alternative for phosporic acid cleaners?]

P2Techs -

Does anyone have suggestions for Tracey's project involving cleaning of
cooking vessels at a food processing plant in California?


Tom Barron, PE
P2 Consultant
(925) 283-8121

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Dear Mr. Barron,
I attended your Janitorial Products seminar at the CWEA Industrial &
Hazardous Waste Conference in Berkeley, CA on February 18, 1999.  I am
interested in a less toxic alternative for phosphoric acid scale

I am the Pretreatment Coordiator for the City of Eureka, CA.  In our
city we have a tortilla chip factory called Bien Padre Foods. Every
Saturday Bien Padre removes the cooking oil from their tortilla chip
fryer, cleans the fryer with a sodium hydroxide solution (pH 12), then
cleans with a phosphoric acid solution (pH 2.0), rinses the fryer a few
times, and adds the cooking oil back.  Currently the facility does not
blend the caustic and acid wastes prior to discharge to the sewer.  I am
looking into adding a waste blending requirement to their wastewater
discharge permit, but I am also interested in alternative chemicals they
could use.

Can you recommend any alternatives to phosphoric acid scale remover that
could be used in a food processing facility?  If you also know
alternatives to the sodium hydroxide that information would be helpful,
but I am more concerned with the acid product at this time because our
pH discharge limits in the City are 5-12.5.

Thank you,
Tracy Wyhlidko
Pretreatment Coordinator
City of Eureka
(707) 441-4362
fax (707) 441-4366
email pretre@tidepool.com

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