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Reply Lacy A. Meyer re disposal of water based coatings

Most water based coatings are not VOC free.  They often contain
some VOC in the form of "co-solvent".  

I am more familiar with air rules than haz waste rules, but I do not
think that just because a coating is water based that its waste
automatically would be exempt from haz waste shipping and
disposal rules.  I think you need to look at the same factors
(characteristics) that you would look at for any waste to determine if
this waste is hazardous.

Dave Salman
Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards
Durham NC

I am trying to switch my company from a solvent based paint to a
water based one. Even though water based paints have no VOC's,
will I still have to ship the paint waste hazardous. 
Please advise. 
Lacy A. Meyer 
HTC X8678