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Pollution Prevention for anyone with a drain

Imagine a POTW registering a high level of
Cadmium.  What industries generate Cd, and what
are the options for each of them?  The savvy P2
techer will turn to:


This NEW website hosted by Texas Water Utilities
Association, with technical advice from TNRCC
has user friendly P2 advice for anyone with a drain.
We have begun a detailed cross referencing for
those needing more detailed advice.

Using this website you can use the pollutant index
to find out major dischargers for ten common
pollutants and options, by industry, for P2.  You can
also go to P2 tips and get user friendly advice for a
variety of sectors from Auto Services to Vehicle

We need the advice of all P2 techers, with their
legendary wisdom, intelligence and...tact,  so
please provide feedback. 

Thomas Vinson
Texas Natural Resource Conservation
Pollution Prevention and Industry Assistance
PO Box 13087
Austin, TX 78753

512 239 3182