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[Fwd: Enviro Filtration oil extension program]

I thought this response to my inquiry on by-pass oil filtration for 
fleet vehicles was so well stated I want to pass it on the P2Tech'rs:

Subject: Enviro Filtration oil extension program 
To: Sue.Sommerfelt@uni.edu 

Dear Sue,
It was nice talking with you last week. As we discussed on the phone, Enviro 
Filtration offers a comprehensive oil life extension program based on oil 
analysis and high efficiency filtration. Through our oil life extension 
program, a customer typically sees these benefits:
Minimized oil changes 
Financial return on investment (typically under 2 years) 
Reduced downtime 
Minimized waste oil storage problems 
Greatly reduced environmental impact of used oil 
Protects the engine during operation 
Reduced wear related costs 
Predict and prevent engine problems before they occur
Let me briefly describe the basis for the program benefits.
Well known scientific facts are finally becoming publicly accepted­oil does 
not wear out; it just becomes contaminated or the additive package depletes. 
The Enviro Filtration oil life extension program combines filtration and oil 
analysis to address these two issues. 
Engine oil contaminates are removed by a bypass, or High Efficiency Secondary 
(HES) filter. This filter removes the smaller particles that are not 
captured by the engine’s primary filter. A study by Cummins Engine Company 
indicated that most of the wear in an engine is caused by particles that are 
0 to 10 microns in size. While your primary filter is efficient at removing 
particles 30 to 40 microns and larger, it is very poor at removing these 
smaller wear particles. The Enviro Filtration HES filter is extremely 
efficient at removing wear causing particles, and has been laboratory tested 
at 99.89% efficiency with particles 5-7 microns (the smallest particles our 
laboratory could measure).
Additionally, the Enviro Filtration HES filter removes water and other 
chemical contaminants that further deplete the oil additive package. The oil 
additive package reduces friction, neutralizes acid, cleans the engine and 
provides other valuable benefits. The addition of the Enviro Filtration HES 
filter not only protects the additive package, it also adds additional oil 
capacity to the sump by containing extra oil in the HES filter housing.
Engine oil monitoring is done through an industry accepted oil analysis 
program. We recommend using an independent laboratory that provides full 
technical analyses of oil condition. Most "pass/fail" analyzers are not 
capable of providing trend analysis or reliable and consistent data. I guess 
nothing beats a well-trained analyst in a good laboratory. Additionally, 
historical data from the laboratory regarding engine wear metals assists in 
diagnosing engine conditions before problems occur.
While this oil analysis/filtration package concept has been slow to catch on, 
we are finally starting to overcome the "rest momentum" of the 3,000 mile oil 
change. Our focus has been on government sales with heavy emphasis on the 
Air Force. We also have extensive test data on over-the-road vehicles, 
refueling vehicles, school busses, police cars and several other 
Typically, the payback period is under two years for this program. If you 
take into account the potential savings from preventing catastrophic failure, 
the payback could be much less. We have developed a very comprehensive ROI 
sheet that takes into account current oil change practices, installation 
costs, recycling costs, labor time and many other factors. If you would 
like, I would be happy to send you a copy in MS Excel format.
I hope this information helps answer some of the questions you had. If you 
would like to get together and discuss any of these, or other related issues, 
please let me know. 
Michael Kovach 
VP, Enviro Filtration
Voice: 800-368-4763