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Re: latex paint waste -Reply

Is there a ballpark figure you can use to estimate savings from this type of process.  90% water reduction is about the high end.  Is there an average amount saved from counter current.  It would help us "sell" facilities on the idea if we could throw a reasonable number out.

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There are a number of steps that can be taken to reduce the amount of water that is used in cleaning up latex paints.  The water can be used multiple times as a precleaning for painting equipment, since it has a lot of cleaning power left.  Then use clean water only for a final rinse.  This can result in a reduction to less than ten percent of the water formerly used.

If you really have a lot of it, the solids can be separated by settling and decanting (or by centrifuge -- but $$$).  Then the solids can be disposed of separately.

Few latex paints clean up waters will be hazardous -- but some states may treat them as such.  In addition, some inspectors and regulators are very suspicious of any paint related wastes.


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Subject: RE: Reply Lacy A. Meyer re disposal of water based coatings 

>I am trying to switch my company from a solvent based paint to a 
>water based one. Even though water based paints have no VOC's, 
>will I still have to ship the paint waste hazardous. 
>Please advise. 
>Lacy A. Meyer 
>HTC X8678 
According to data and guidance that is provided by the National Paint and 
Coatings Association (www.paint.org), current water-based latex paint (with 
cosolvents) does not exhibit any characteristics of a Federal Hazardous