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P2 training opportunity in India

Hi everybody-

I just got a request from the Institute for International Education
for help in finding a trainer to conduct 2 2-day training workshops in
India.  The Institute is seeking a trainer with broad-based P2
training experience.  The two events will be held in Calcutta on May
3rd-4th, and Whubaneshar (South of Calcutta) on May 5th-6th. Indian
speakers will also be presenting in the workshops.  Workshop
participants will include CEOs and managers from the following
industry sectors-

Pulp and Paper
Iron and Steel

Workshop participants are particularly interested in reducing
wastewater and sludge treatment costs, prior training experience in
this area is a plus.

Anyone who  is interested in being considered for this opportunity
should contact me or Alex Patico of IIE at 202-326-7768,
apatico@iie.org.  Please send a bio or brief summary of


Joe Pringle
International Coordinator
National Pollution Prevention Roundtable
2000 P St, NW   Suite 708
Washington DC 20036
T: 202-466-7272
F: 202-466-7964