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RE: "Optimization" (for raw materials) Software Program

There are several programs for wood working shops to set up to cut plywood
sheets to minimize scrap.  I don't know why one of these couldn't be used
for sheet plastics.

You can probably get names of companies and programs from the web sites of
some of the wood working magazines such as "American Woodworker" and "Fine
Woodworking".  I would also suggest that you go a trade organization such as
the SPE, Society for Plastics Engineers, and ask them what they may know of.

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> Subject: 	"Optimization" (for raw materials) Software Program
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> Looking for a software (or other?) program that optimizes the number of
> parts
> that can be processed (cut) from a particular sized piece of raw material
> while
> minimizing the scrap. Specific application is cutting plastic sheets to
> make
> rectangular containers.
> Thanks for any assistance
> Dick Burns
> FDEP Central District Coordinator
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