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Re: P2 option for isocyanurate

You should see if this manufacturing process is covered in the EPA AP-42
guide or other text that provides process flow diagrams (use search routine
on their home page).  You can get access to the Title V documentation for a
specific facility.  Once you have that information you can prepare a
hierarchical process map following the procedures listed in my reprint on
my web site.  You will then look for OPPORTUNITIES for P2:  Every resource
used in the process represents an OPPORTUNITY to conserve the use that
resource.  Every resource lost in the process represents an OPPORTUNITY not
to have that loss.  These opportunities can be rank ordered using Pareto
analysis using environmental accounting.  For the most significant
opportunities (the EPA documents may provide you with some opportunities
from their studies), you should conduct a root cause analysis using a cause
and effect (fishbone) diagram.  It is best to do this with people that work
in the production of this product.  Brainwriting can be used to derive at
least 20 options (alternatives) for P2.  Bubble-up/bubble-down can be used
to select an alternative (option) to implement.  Again it is best to
directly involve the company employees that you are working with.  It is
likely that they already have some ideas.  Finally, they need to prepare an
action plan for implementing the P2 alternative that was selected.  There
is a toutorial (slides with notes) on these problem-solving and
decision-making tools on my web site. Reprints of papers on each tool may
also be found on the site.  Engaging yourself in such a process with your
client will allow you to FACILITATE a meaningful solution with their
concurrence.  Giving them "right answers" derived from other's experience
may not lead to a successful project.  Most P2 technical assistance
coordinators that I talk to cite a low rate of implementation from
externally imposed right answers.  Helping the firm find something that
they wish to invest in usually is far more successful.  You should also try
to locate a trade association that provides oversight to companies active
in the foam insulation market.  Good luck.  I hope you find the web site

At 04:23 PM 4/16/99 -0400, you wrote:
>has any one come accross any p2 optons for the manufacture of isocyanurate
>or polyisocyanurate foam boards used in insulation

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