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EPA Ag Center New Publications and List Server

EPA?s National Agriculture Compliance Assistance Center (Ag Center) has some
useful new entries on its publications list. The Center also offers a new e-mail
system for notifying users about the latest topics posted on the news page at
the Ag Center web site.

New Publications
The Ag Center has again updated its automatic ?fax-back? system for fact sheets
and other publications. The number to call for these publications, and for other
up-to-date information on environmental requirements that affect agriculture, is
1-888-663-2155. This is a toll-free number.

New topics such as Food Safety and Y2K information are now available. The list
still includes information on pesticides, underground storage tanks, animal
feeding operations, and many other subjects. Callers can request that documents
be faxed or sent by mail, or can choose to talk to an Ag Center representative.

Some documents you might want to request are:

10001 -- Ag Center Publications -- the updated (April 1999) list of more than
130 pollution prevention and environmental compliance aids available through the
Center (10 pages)

Food Safety:
28008 -- Pesticides and Food: What you and your family need to know (2 pages),
February 1999

28003  --  What You Should Know About Pfiesteria piscicida (8 pages)

28004  -- Lo que Usted Debe Conocer Acerca de Pfiesteria piscicida (8 pages)
(Spanish version of What You Should Know About Pfiesteria piscicida)

28005  --  Should I Eat the Fish I Catch? (2 legal-size pages)

28006  -- Debo comer los peces que yp pesco? (2 legal-size pages) (Spanish
version of  Should I Eat the Fish I Catch?)

28007  -- Kuv noj puas tau cov ntses ua nuv tau? (2 legal-size pages) (Hmong
version of  Should I Eat the Fish I Catch?)

Y2K Information:
12007 --  Prevent Year 2000 Chemical Emergencies (6 pages}

31001 -- Y2K Enforcement Fact Sheet (4 pages)

15004 -- EPA?s Y2K (Year 2000) Enforcement Policy (7 pages)

Ag Center Listserve
If you subscribe to the Ag Center?s listserve, you will receive notices about
new items that are posted on the news page of the Center?s web site (
http://www.epa.gov/oeca/ag/). This is not a ?discussion group? listserve. The
only messages that subscribers receive are the periodic notifications from the
Ag Center about additions to the web site (generally not more than one message
per week).

To subscribe, send the command
subscribe agcenter Firstname Lastname (Your first name and last name)
in the body of an e-mail message addressed to

There should be no text in the subject line or following the command in your
e-mail (such as a signature file), or it will cause an error. If your e-mail
application demands a subject, simply place a period (.) In that field.

The welcome message you receive will confirm your addition to the mailing list
and will give you directions for unsubscribing and for getting more information.

Please pass this information on to any of your colleagues who might have need
for the kinds of information the Ag Center offers. The Center welcomes your
feedback, especially on documents you would like to see on the publications
list. Let them know your needs in this area!