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RE: degreaser replacement

I have looked at the 3M cleaners, and the non-haz stuff will not do what I
Lacy A. Meyer
HTC X8678

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	I worked for an electronics manufacturer and spent a lot of time on
	replacement degreasing chemicals.  3M seems to be on top of the
	market.  Been a few years though.

	Dana Stuller
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	> I am currently looking for a replacement solvent for our
degreaser.  The
	> process is used to clean metal parts so that we can put adhesive
	> on them for
	> the application of rubber. We are currently using
	> Perchloroethylene.  I have
	> tried other types of halogenated (1-Bromo propane) solvents,
	> however, we are
	> trying to get away from halongenated due to the current and
	> possibly future
	> reporting requirements.  We have looked into aqueous degreasing
	> alternatives, but those seem to cost a little more than we are
willing to
	> spend at this point in time. Anyone have any other suggestions??
	> send them my way.
	> Thanks -
	> Lacy A. Meyer
	> Hydril Company
	> Houston, Texas
	> (281) 449-2000