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Re: degreaser replacement


Have you considered lease to own options?  Most equipment vendors will help
finance such an approach -- leasing is especially helpful if the issue is a
lack of funds in your firm's capital budgeting cycle.  A good cost analysis
will that examines cost categories such as operating, maintenance,
training, and regulatory compliance costs (both now and in the future) will
help determine the financial viability of a lease program.  Have you tried
to apply activity-based cost accounting tools in you financial analysis?

I have not seen any viable solvent-based degreasing alternatives that
steers you clear of the air regs.

My experience is that if you can go with aqueous, it pays to do so in the
long run -- particularly if you can eliminate the water discharge from the
system by recirculating the soaps and the rinse water.  If aqueous does not
cut it (and from your email it appears it does), I recommend looking into
vacuum degreasing which is BACT and LAER compliant and reduces solvent use
and emissions by ~99%.  Vacuum systems are capital intensive however but
have the advantage of high throughput and a high degree of automation (thus
reducing labor costs).  For firms that for technical reasons cannot make
the aqueous switch, the vaccuum degreasing systems (which use standard
solvents such as Perc) are a godsend.


At 03:21 PM 4/19/99 -0500, you wrote:
>I am currently looking for a replacement solvent for our degreaser.  The
>process is used to clean metal parts so that we can put adhesive on them for
>the application of rubber. We are currently using Perchloroethylene.  I have
>tried other types of halogenated (1-Bromo propane) solvents, however, we are
>trying to get away from halongenated due to the current and possibly future
>reporting requirements.  We have looked into aqueous degreasing
>alternatives, but those seem to cost a little more than we are willing to
>spend at this point in time. Anyone have any other suggestions??  Please
>send them my way.
>Thanks - 
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>Hydril Company
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