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ISO 14001 Case Studies

A 'Call for Contributions' on the topic of 'ISO 14001 Case Studies and 
Practical Experience'.

Greenleaf Publishing invites contributions in the area of 'ISO 14001 Case 
Studies and Practical Experience' both for a special issue of the journal 
'Greener Management International' (GMI) and for a subsequent book, to be 
Guest-Edited by Dr Ruth Hillary.
'ISO 14001 Case Studies and Practical Experience'
The international environmental management systems standard ISO 14001 was 
published in September 1996. With less than 3 years' experience, the standard 
will be reviewed during 1999. The importance of the standard is recognised, 
but the way in which it is used by business organisations has raised many as 
yet unanswered questions. For example:
 Does ISO 14001 deliver tangible environmental performance improvements? 
 Is there a transatlantic difference between the implementation of ISO 14001 
in North America and Europe? 
 Are stakeholders satisfied by ISO 14001 certification? 
 Is there variability in ISO 14001 certifications? 
 What are the prospects for ISO 14001 being spread through the supply chain? 
 Are regulatory benefits forthcoming to ISO 14001 certified organisations? 
 What market benefits accrue to ISO 14001-certified organisations? 
 Why do companies register to both ISO 14001 and EMAS? 
 What is the practical relationship between ISO 14001 and EMAS? 
 Is ISO 14001 used as a technical barrier to trade penalising developing 
 How does ISO 14001 integrate with standards in the ISO 9000 series? 
 What relevance is ISO 14001 to small and medium-sized enterprises? 
 Can ISO 14001 be applied to design functions? 
 What is the role of training in building an ISO 14001 system? 
 How does ISO 14001 work with other environmental standards?
The intention both for the special issue of 'GMI' and for the book is to 
present perspectives from business, stakeholders, business-support 
organisations, government, regulators, consultants, certifiers/verifiers, 
auditors and academia from across the world in order to try to answer some of 
these questions and evaluate overall progress and problems to date.
It is intended that contributions should be largely case study-based and 
focus on the practical realities of ISO 14001. To that end, contributions 
from practitioners in business and industry are especially encouraged. 
Academics submitting material should target their papers as if for bridging 
journals such as 'Business Horizons' or 'Sloan Management Review'. The aim is 
to produce work relevant for what we anticipate will be a largely 
practitioner audience. Papers should be between 2,000 and 3,500 words.
We have particular interest in receiving contributions in the following areas:

 Case studies on ISO 14001 implementation 
 Case studies on certifications 
 Case studies on integrating ISO 14001 with quality and/or health and safety 
 Case studies of auditors experience 
 Case studies from Asia, Africa and Latin America 
 Reflections on the standard from regulatory and government authorities 
 NGO viewpoints on ISO 14001 
 ISO 14001 and its position within the wider sustainability agenda 
 Case studies from multinational corporations contrasting experience with 
ISO 14001 in different regions, e.g. North America and Europe 
 Case studies from small and medium-sized enterprises

Abstracts of 200-300 words should be sent to the Guest Editor prior to 1 June 
1999. These should ideally be sent as e-mail attachments. Contributors whose 
abstracts are felt appropriate for the project will be invited to submit full 
papers by 30 September 1999. A selection of papers will be made for inclusion 
in the 'special issue' of 'Greener Management International' which is 
scheduled for publication in February 2000. These papers will be joined by a 
number of other contributions for publication in book format by April 2000.
For further information or to discuss ideas for contributions, please contact 
the Guest Editor:
Dr Ruth Hillary, 
Network for Environmental Management and Auditing 
174 Trellick Tower 
Golborne Road 
London W10 5 UU 
Tel/fax: +44 (0)181 968 6950 
e-mail: r.hillary@ic.ac.uk
Sample copies of 'Greener Management International' and contribution 
guidelines relevant for both strands of the project can be obtained from:

John Stuart 
Managing Director 
Greenleaf Publishing 
Aizlewood Business Centre 
Aizlewood's Mill, 
Sheffield S3 8GG 
Tel: +44 (0)114 282 3475 
Fax: +44 (0)114 282 3476 
e-mail: greenleaf@worldscope.co.uk