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HCl waste options?

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> I have been contacted by a chemical company that is in the process of 
> improving the efficiency of one of their manufacturing processes. This 
> improved process is anticipated to generate an HCl solution (10%) as a 
> by-product that is expected to be relatively contaminant-free and could 
> possibly be used as a raw material. They anticipate generating 
> approximately 2,000 gal/day. Can anyone out there provide me with some 
> leads or contacts that could help connect this company to someone who 
> might be able to make use of this by-product? Does anyone know of any 
> waste exchanges out there that might be particularly helpful? The source 
> will be in northwestern Pennsylvania. Any help would be appreciated. 
> Brad Vanderhoof 
> Office of Pollution Prevention and Compliance Assistance 
> PA Department of Environmental Protection 
> 230 Chestnut St. 
> Meadville, PA 16335 
> 814-332-6816 
> vanderhoof.brad@dep.state.pa.us