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RE: P2 integration story


EPA Region 10 funded PPRC to develop "A Guide to Improving Regulatory Results ... ... using Pollution Prevention."  This "fact sheet" booklet has some case studies, and would be a good place to get NW state and federal contact names.  Please note that it does not have specific examples on the reduced need for oversight for a particular facility.  If you are interested in this, I could send it to you; just let me know where to send it.

Also, the spring 1999 edition of Pollution Prevention Northwest is a retrospective on the Pollution Prevention in Permitting Pilot project (P4).  Included are an overview article, a look at regulatory reinvention at the national level, Northwest experiences with P4, and thumbnails of Northwest experiences with other alternative approaches to regulation.  The package includes resources on alternative regulatory approaches, quotes, and contacts.  You can see the newsletter by going to PPRC's home page at http://www.pprc.org, or going directly to the newsletter page at http://www.pprc.org/pprc/pubs/newslets/newssp99.html.

Good luck!


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Hello all:

I'm looking for any stories where an effort to integrate P2 into core
regulatory programs (e.g. permitting, enforcement, etc.) led to reduced
agency oversight.  What I mean by reduced agency oversight is that the P2
integration effort allowed the agency to not have to maintain as tight a
level of oversight over a facility.


Jeanne Herb