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Re: Subject: HCl waste options?

Some points for consideration:

	--Has a process evaluation been done to see HCl  might be generated
in lesser amounts or not at all? 
	--Might the generator distill HCl for other use within its own

	--Might the acid be of a proper concentration and uncontaminated
enough for an etching operation?  For example, are electroplating
firms, located near the generator, able to use the acid?  

	--Might the acid be used to neutralize caustics at another business
near the generator?  For example, food processors often generate
high pH wastewater.  Check on requirements for wastewater treatment and
other permits.

	--Since a waste exchange is being considered, Millennium Exchange,
Ltd. serves Pennsylvania.  The web address is
http://www.mmex.com/  .  The address and contact information are as follows:
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Subject: HCl waste options? 

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> I have been contacted by a chemical company that is in the process of
improving the efficiency of one of their manufacturing processes. This
improved process is anticipated to generate an HCl solution (10%) as a
by-product that is expected to be relatively contaminant-free and could
possibly be used as a raw material. They anticipate generating 
approximately 2,000 gal/day. Can anyone out there provide me with some leads
or contacts that could help connect this company to someone who might be
able to make use of this by-product? Does anyone know of any waste exchanges
out there that might be particularly helpful? The source will be in
northwestern Pennsylvania. Any help would be appreciated. 
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