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Re: P2 option for isocyanurate

>has any one come accross any p2 optons for the manufacture of isocyanurate
>or polyisocyanurate foam boards used in insulation


About 2 years ago, a manufacturer of polyisocyanurate foam insulation
served as a host site for one of our assessment trainings.  As you know,
identifying ripe pollution prevention targets in this industry is somewhat
difficult, given the high level of automation and low number of unit
operations.  Here is a summary of the best opportunities we found.

* Intall Water Knife for Cutting Operations - swithcing the cutting
operations to water jet technology would reduce the kerf and associated
wasted material generated in cutting boards by more than 50%

* Automate Mold Height - automating the adjustment of mold height (for
various thicknesses of foam boards) will decrease down time and waste
generated during changeovers

* Install Duplicate Set of Hardware - installing a duplicate set of
hardware for dispensing the foam mixture onto the facer can reduce the
amount of off-spec product that is created when bad or dirty hardware must
be changed on the fly

* Use Reusable Leaders to Splice Facer - using reusable leaders will reduce
the amount of waste facer generated

* Modify Production Schedule to Minimize Changeovers - modifying production
scheduling to increase the length of runs reduces waste by decreasing
changeovers and improving process control

Feel free to call me, if you have any questions.

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