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Re: P2 integration story


The Nevada Small Business Development Center receives technical assistance
contract funding from our State RCRA program.  In 1997, we surveyed
businesses who had used our services and received a 17.5% response rate to a
voluntary mail survey.  41% of companies indicated they had reduced RCRA
generator status with pollution prevention assistance provided by the
Business Environmental Program (BEP).  In 1997, we responded to 1,222
requests for information, trained 801 individuals, and conducted 44

This resulted from regulatory program funds supporting BEP which were
further leveraged by matching EPA PPIS grant funding.  This represents
regulatory funding integration through the RCRA program but not necessarily
regulatory integration.  On the flip-side, the RCRA regulations provide
reduced oversight for reduced waste generation, so there is some integration
in the federal regs.


Kevin Dick

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>Hello all:
>I'm looking for any stories where an effort to integrate P2 into core
>regulatory programs (e.g. permitting, enforcement, etc.) led to reduced
>agency oversight.  What I mean by reduced agency oversight is that the P2
>integration effort allowed the agency to not have to maintain as tight a
>level of oversight over a facility.
>Jeanne Herb