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RE: HCl waste options?

The key phrase here is the "relatively contaminant-free". This will scare 
away most potential users. Metal contaminates, and especially heavy metals 
will make this a waste stream and not useful as a "by-product".
First look for ways that the company can reduce generation or use the 
by-product itself, don't let the company use recycling as a way to hide 
process inefficiencies.
A 10% solution of HCl is relatively weak (most commercial grades are 
28%-37%) and HCl is a low priced commodity so transportation charges can 
also be deal killers. The best bet for reuse is somebody who needs to lower 
pH in a wastewater treatment system locally (maybe even the company itself). 
I would go to the local/regional POTW people and see if they know of any of 
their industrial customers using acid to neutralize wastewater.
Look to the P2TECH archives for other waste exchanges, I know this topic has 
come up several times. http://www.great-lakes.net/lists/p2tech/
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> > I have been contacted by a chemical company that is in the process of 
> > improving the efficiency of one of their manufacturing processes. This 
> > improved process is anticipated to generate an HCl solution (10%) as a 
> > by-product that is expected to be relatively contaminant-free and could 
> > possibly be used as a raw material. They anticipate generating 
> > approximately 2,000 gal/day. Can anyone out there provide me with some 
> > leads or contacts that could help connect this company to someone who 
> > might be able to make use of this by-product? Does anyone know of any 
> > waste exchanges out there that might be particularly helpful? 
> The source 
> > will be in northwestern Pennsylvania. Any help would be appreciated. 
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