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Cleaning of metal prior to painting

One of our local manufacturers is seeing a problem in water borne 
paints not fully remaining on the parts after painting.
I visited their facility and observed the following:
The paint is peeling off the surface especially at the edges.
They clean the surface prior to painting with the recommended 
cleaner by their paint supplier. They are looking at a waterbased 
cleaner which does give them a cleaner surface. 
Prior to cleaning the parts are punched out and uses a water- 
soluble lubricant to achieve this.
The metal is electroplated zinc on top of cold rolled steel.
The paint is primarily for decoration. We have proposed that they 
offer consumers a non-painted product and market it as an 
environmental friendly product. They liked that idea. They make 
this product for several others so they are required to paint it for 
some versions.
They are unable to let the paint cure completely. They often start 
assembling the parts withing 4 hours of painting (which is probably 
part of their problem) so we were trying to come up with an 
inexpensive method of accelerating the drying . Some of the 
products are quite large.
Therefore, I am looking for the following:
Some suggested waterborne paints that might work better on the 
electroplated zinc. They are willing to change paints.
Cleaning compounds that might work.
An inexpensive way to dry the parts. 
Kirsten Koepsel 
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