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Re: 33/50 Program

I don't know of anything specific to the facilities that participated in the
33/50 program, but in the 1994 TRI data release (also probably in the 1995
TRI data release, but I don't have a copy of that), there are data showing
source reduction reporting for the 33/50 chemicals compared to all TRI
chemicals.  This is not the same thing as comparing 33/50 program facilities
to all TRI facilities.  If you haven't already seen this, I can fax you a
couple of pages from the 1994 data release.  In any case, I'll summarize
here.  The 1996 data release (the most recent one) doesn't have this

Note that there is one form for each compound reported at each facility:

percent of forms reporting source reduction activity, all TRI chemicals:
1991    26%
1992    26%
1993    25%
1994    24%

percent of forms reporting source reduction activity, 33/50 program
chemicals only:
1991    33%
1992    33%
1993    32%
1994    31%

percent of forms reporting source reduction activity, non-33/50 program
chemicals only:
1991    22%
1992    22%
1993    21%
1994    21%

This shows that there are more reported source reduction activities for the
33/50 set of compounds than for TRI compounds as a whole.  Can't tell if the
33/50 program can take the credit for this, though.  The trouble with
comparing the 33/50 program facilities to all TRI facilities is that
participation in the 33/50 program isn't identified in a data field, so
someone would have to develop a search strategy that pulled only 33/50
program facility data -- no small task when there are 1300 some odd
facilities in the program.  Maybe somebody out there has a saved search for
those facilities...

Good luck.

Kirsten Sinclair Rosselot, P.E.
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>Dear P2Tech,
>I thought I was searching for something simple, and despite acquiring a
significant amount of information, have seem to hit a dead end.  Specific to
USEPA's 33/50 Program, can anyone tell me where I can find published data on
the rate of reporting source reduction activities of facilities that
participated in the 33/50 Program to those facilities that did not
participate in the program?  Thanks,
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