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integrated circuits -Reply

I'm also looking for information on P2 opportunities for the semiconductor industry.  I found the flowing web site helpful,
www.sematech.org, this is the Sematech web site.  
Also every semiconductor company has an Environmental, Health and Safety Dept., you might start with them to find P2 opportunities with in the industry.
Leo Lujan
WRP2 Information Clearing House

>>> "Catherine Dickerson" <cdickerson@pprc.org> 04/23/99 09:41am >>>
Hello P2Tech-ers,

I'm looking for some leads and/or information about common P2 opportunities for integrated circuit manufacturers.  I realize that this is a broad area, but I'm in the pile-building stage, and I'd like to compile as much information as possible.  That way, the state TAP who is working on it can winnow it down with the facility folks.

As always, all help is greatly appreciated.  Hope you all have a good weekend.