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EMS video for P2 opportunities: Important Info

In the last week, I have received a large number of inquiries and requests for
the video "EMS for Printers: It's a Bottom Line Benefit".  I would like to thank
everyone for their interest in the video, and would encourage any other
interested parties to order a video as well.

To clear up some confusion that people may have about the video and how to

1) The video is FREE.  No charge for the video, and no shipping costs.  The
video is part of the Design for the Environment outreach materials.

2) ****The video should be ordered from the Pollution Prevention Information
Clearinghouse.  You may call in orders (202-260-1023) or e-mail PPIC at
"ppic@epa.gov".  Again, the publication number to give is EPA 744-V-99-001.
When e-mailing PPIC, be sure to include your shipping address.******

3) I am  the contact for additional information on the video, or the person to
call if you would like to find out more about the DfE / EMS program.

Please e-mail or call (202-260-0662) if you are interested in finding out more
about the DfE/EMS project.


Jen Fisher