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Call for Proposals - Secretariat Services for Asia Pacific

Roundtable for Cleaner Production 
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Call for Proposals
Secretariat for Asia Pacific Roundtable for Cleaner Production
1. Introduction
A unique opportunity exists for an organization to serve as Secretariat for 
Asia Pacific Roundtable for Cleaner Production (APRCP). Taiwan, through the 
Foundation for Taiwan Industry Service, is currently serving as APRCP's 
interim Secretariat. However, its service will end on June 30, 1999 and 
APRCP's interim Board of Directors has instituted a process for selecting 
the next Secretariat to serve a two-year period. 
APRCP has undergone substantial progress over the year and is poised to 
play a substantial role in supporting efforts to accelerate the application 
of cleaner production policies and practices in the Asia Pacific region. 
The role and activities of the next Secretariat will be of critical 
importance in assisting APRCP's board and membership in moving toward its 
vision of a dynamic and prosperous Asia Pacific region committed to the 
principles of cleaner production. 
2. Status of Organization
In 1997, the First Asia Pacific Roundtable for Cleaner Production 
conference was held in Bangkok, Thailand. This widely acclaimed event 
brought together leaders from throughout the region to discuss the future 
of cleaner production in the region. Participants at the conference agreed 
that future actions were needed to ensure regular and ongoing mechanisms to 
share information on cleaner production strategies and techniques. 
In 1998, the informal network that resulted from this landmark event 
evolved into a new organization -- Asia Pacific Roundtable for Cleaner 
Production. The new organization's mission is to provide leadership and 
support to enhance information flow and human resources development and to 
strengthen public/private partnerships. APRCP seeks to stimulate the 
promotion and implementation of cleaner production strategies and 
technologies in the region. 
An interim Board of Directors was formed in 1998 to guide APRCP's 
development and future direction. The voluntary efforts of leaders, 
representing a range of public and private organizations from throughout 
the Asia Pacific region, comprise APRCP's interim board. They have 
contributed tremendously to APRCP's organizational development. 
Also in 1998, Taiwan's Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic 
Affairs, offered to provide secretariat services, on an interim basis, to 
support APRCP in its organizational development needs. The efforts have 
contributed significantly to APRCP's rapid progress and development into a 
formal organization. Valuable administrative and financial support provided 
by the Foundation of Taiwan Industry Service has helped Taiwan fulfil its 
interim secretariat duties.
APRCP's interim board and secretariat drafted and subsequently approved an 
organizational charter articulating the organization's vision, mission, 
activities, membership, governing structure and other important 
organizational issues. Board committees are also refining APRCP's mix of 
programs and activities, especially as they relate to the important 
function of improving information sharing on cleaner production policies 
and practices in the Asia Pacific region. 
Additionally, the interim Secretariat publishes a quarterly newsletter 
highlighting APRCP accomplishments and activities. The official logo, 
letterhead and membership brochure has been completed, and APRCP recently 
began recruiting its membership. A highlight of APRCP for 1999 will be its 
Second Regional Conference to be held in Brisbane in April 1999.
3. Purpose of Call for Proposals
The purpose of this Call for Proposals is to provide all organizations and 
countries in the Asia Pacific region with an opportunity to submit 
proposals to serve as APRCP's Secretariat and to provide administrative 
services in support of APRCP programs and activities. 
The Call for Proposals is necessary to transition APRCP from having an 
interim secretariat to permanent secretariat. Taiwan's role as interim 
Secretariat will end on June 30, 1999 and the decision made based on this 
Call for Proposals will determine APRCP's next Secretariat for the period 
July 1, 1999 - June 30, 2001. 
Many countries in the region have expressed interest in hosting APRCP's 
Secretariat. To ensure openness and an opportunity for all interested 
organizations to be considered, a formal process has been developed for 
selecting APRCP's Secretariat. 
APRCP's board of directors is committed to ensuring ample opportunities for 
all organizations interested in contributing toward APRCP's mission of 
stimulating cleaner production activities in the Asia Pacific region. To 
ensure future opportunities for others to serve as APRCP's Secretariat, the 
term of service for APRCP's next Secretariat is limited to two years. In 
addition to choosing a new Secretariat, APRCP's board will be developing 
other programs and activities that will provide leadership opportunities 
for interested organizations. All interested organizations are encouraged 
to submit a proposal. 
The Call for Proposals outlines the content requirements, a tentative 
schedule, budget requirements, proposal submittal details, review process 
and sources for obtaining any additional needed information.
4. Proposal Content
As a new organization with limited history, APRCP recognizes the 
challenges, difficulties and limitations of developing a proposal to serve 
in as its Secretariat. The APRCP interim board's chief interest is to 
identify interested organizations and obtain needed information and 
insights that will help in making the important decision regarding who will 
serve as APRCP's next Secretariat.
Activities of APRCP's Secretariat will be performed in close consultation 
with APRCP's board, members, committees, task forces and supporters. 
APRCP's board will work closely with the chosen organization to refine and 
prioritize Secretariat duties based on available budget and other factors. 
It can also be expected that APRCP's board and members will also play an 
active role in supporting implementation of future programs, projects and 
Anticipated duties and activities for APRCP's next Secretariat are 
summarized below. They are provided to give interested organizations a 
realistic picture of APRCP's needs and to assist in the proposal 
development process. This section also proposes other information that will 
be useful to include in proposals. 
Lengthy or complex proposals are not necessary (4-5 pages is suggested). 
Applicants should not feel compelled to address every proposed Secretariat 
activity suggested in this section. 
In developing proposals, please consider the following:
A) Proposed Executive Secretary and Secretariat Team 
 Lead organization to perform Secretariat duties 
 Organizational qualifications and capabilities 
 Proposed Executive Secretary and support personnel
B) Secretariat Duties and Activities 
 Provide leadership in devising strategies to carryout APRCP's program 
activities, as outlined in the Charter 
 Support preparation of a realistic two-year organizational work plan that 
will guide future programs, activities and member 
 Provide advisory support to APRCP's board in preparing annual and 
projected organizational budgets, and support fundraising 
efforts needed to obtain funds for APRCP programs and activities 
 Provide administrative support for board elections 
 Publish a newsletter, distribute it to membership and other interested 
parties, and oversee other activities designed to promote 
information exchange and networking 
 Administer APRCP's Internet resources such as a web site and e-mail 'list 
serve' discussion forums (note: The Asia Pacific 
Cleaner Production Network, a list-serve administered by Thailand 
Environment Institute, may continue to meet APRCP's 
list-serve needs. Several offers have been made to provide support for 
APRCP's web needs.) 
 Coordinate with hosts of APRCP's regional conferences and support efforts 
to develop high-quality conference agendas and 
 Provide administrative support for a planned Advisors/Supporters Forum 
that will secure the advice and support of interested 
international assistance agencies, private corporations, foundations and 
other organizations 
 Perform outreach and marketing of APRCP, and prepare documents and other 
needed public information 
 Manage requests for APRCP to sponsor other regional CP-related 
conferences, seminars, workshops, projects and activities 
 Nurture stronger connections between APRCP members and other related 
activities and events 
 Support planned APRCP board, committee and task force meetings and 
 Administer APRCP's membership process by corresponding with interested 
organizations; establish short and long-term 
member recruitment objectives 
 Support APRCP's board in completing any additional organizational 
development tasks such as preparing by-laws 
 Support Treasurer duties to ensure an independent, certified audit of 
financial records 
 Other duties as assigned by APRCP's board
C) Budget 
 Budget table, including potential funding sources 
 Please see section 6 below for additional information regarding available 
financial support
D) Other 
 Any additional plus points 
 Assumptions, prerequisites, needs and limitations 
The proposal's appendix may include the resume, curriculum vitae or 
bio-data sheet of the proposed Secretariat's senior staff, referred to in 
the Charter as the Executive Secretary. The appendix may also include any 
letters of support from relevant governmental ministries, industry 
associations, academic institutions and/or non-governmental organizations. 
Any additional background information applicants may wish to provide can 
also be included in the appendix. 
5. Schedule
APRCP's Charter states that the location of the Secretariat may be 
permanent or revolving based on the decision of the board of directors. 
Through this Call for Proposals, the APRCP board will select a Secretariat 
to cover a two-year period beginning in July 1999. The board will later 
decide whether to extend arrangements for Secretariat services or announce 
a new Call for Proposals so as to exercise the revolving option. 
Announce Call for Proposals 
April 21-23, 1999 
APRCP's Second Regional Conference 
April 21-23, 1999 
Deadline for Proposals June 1, 
Recommendation of APRCP Executive Committees Submitted to Full APRCP Board 
June 15, 1999 
APRCP Board Selects Host Organization 
June 30, 1999 
Announce New Secretariat 
July 1, 1999 
Duties of New Secretariat Begin 
July 1, 1999 
Contract Signed between APRCP Chairperson and Secretariat 
July, 1999 
Finalize Elections of APRCP's First Member-Elected Board 
August, 1999 
Two Year Work Plan Approved by Board 
September, 1999 
New Secretariat's First Newsletter Distributed to APRCP Membership and 
Others October,1999 
APRCP's Web Site Functional 
November, 1999 
Decision Regarding Desire for Extension of Secretariat Dates of Service 
January, 2000 
Secretariat Contract Ends 
June 30, 2001
6. Budget
Prospective applicants are encouraged to develop proposals that provide the 
needed budgets to substantially cover anticipated Secretariat related 
expenses over the two-year term of service. While APRCP will provide 
limited support, applicants should provide information regarding available 
host funds and other commitments that may be accessible in providing the 
needed financial support for Secretariat services. 
APRCP's current annual membership fee is introductory and the financial 
obligation is purposefully modest to encourage involvement from all 
interested organizations in the region. As such, support from this source 
for the Secretariat's budget needs are limited. APRCP's board may increase 
the fee in the future to reflect the quality and quantity of services 
offered to APRCP members.
APRCP's Board of Directors is anticipating entering into an agreement with 
an international assistance agency in 1999. The arrangement will likely 
provide US$ 10,000 to support APRCP activities. Pending board approval, 
some funds may be dedicated to supporting Secretariat services. In 
addition, it is hoped that US$ 3-5,000 will be secured from other sources 
such as interested private organizations and sponsors. Based on priorities 
and needs, the board may allocate some or all of these funds to support 
Secretariat services. 
The Secretariat can expect non-monetary support such as access to limited 
voluntary contributions of professional services and expertise from APRCP 
board members, committees and members. 
APRCP has been fortunate to receive substantial support from various 
international assistance agencies to sponsor its activities and development 
to date. While no commitments have been made or can be guaranteed, APRCP is 
committed to working closely with the selected host to solicit support from 
various organizations. 
7. Submittal of Proposals
Proposals must be received by the APRCP interim Secretariat on or before 
close of business 1 June 1999.
Mail, fax or e-mail proposals to: 
Mr. R.K. Tseng 
APRCP Interim Secretariat 
C/O Foundation of Taiwan Industry Service 
41, Lane 198, Szewei Road, 2F, Suite 10 
Taipei, Taiwan 
Fax: 886-2-2325-3922 
E-mail: ftiswm@m2.dj.net.tw
8. Review Process
The information provided in proposals will assist APRCP's Board in choosing 
its Secretariat. Final selection will be determined based on consensus of 
the entire APRCP Board or by means of a voting process. APRCP's Executive 
Committee will submit a recommendation to APRCP's Board of Directors for 
its consideration.
APRCP's Executive Committee will review all proposals. The review will be 
based on the content of proposals, plans for carrying out Secretariat 
duties, financial information and other factors. The review process will 
also consider APRCP's desire to ensure broad geographical coverage of its 
program activities throughout the Asia Pacific region. 
APRCP's board will notify all applicants of its decision.
9. For More Information
Organizations interested in developing a proposal to host APRCP's 
Secretariat are welcome to contact APRCP's interim Secretariat or APRCP 
interim Vice Chairperson for more information. 
Additional background information such as APRCP's Charter, APRCP's 
membership brochure and proceedings of APRCP's first regional conference is 
available from APRCP's interim Secretariat upon request. 
To contact APRCP's interim Secretariat, please use the information provided 
in item # 7. 
APRCP's interim Vice Chairperson is Mr.Nihal Abeysekera. His contact 
information is:
Mr. Nihal Abeysekera 
APRCP Interim Vice Chairperson 
C/O Japan Lanka Industrial Development Center 
66 1/1, Thimbirigasyaya Road 
Colombo 5, Sri Lanka
Telephone: 94-1-585932 
Fax: 94-1-587137 
E-mail: jlidc@slt.lk