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Re: P2 criteria

You might want to try a tool called "bubble-up/bubble-down."  A paper can
be found on my web site under Systems Approach Tools (Reprints).  You set
up the criteria you wish to use and then use the instructions for the

At 11:33 AM 4/30/99 -0400, you wrote:
>I am looking for any existing rating systems for ranking Pollution 
>Prevemtion measures. I have the task of wading through a very 
>large number of very diverse P2 measures and picking the best of 
>the best. We need to come up with a ranking system (ie 
>environmental, cost, health and safety, etc) Please respond 
>directly to me at my e-mail. Thank you very much!
>Lacey Friedman 
>Contra Costa COunty Hazardous Materials Programs 

Dr. Robert B. Pojasek 
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