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Re: Life Cycle Analysis

From: Dean Menke@EDF on 05/03/99 09:58 AM

Subject:  Re: Life Cycle Analysis

The Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition has a tremendous site on the prodition
chemicals and wastes of computers.  It might take some effort to find the
exact information on their site, but the starting point is

dean m. menke
staff engineer
Environmental Defense Fund

From: "Warren J. Weaver" <wjw5@psu.edu> on 05/01/99 05:58 PM GMT

Please respond to "Warren J. Weaver" <wjw5@psu.edu>

To:   p2tech@great-lakes.net
cc:    (bcc: Dean Menke)
Subject:  Life Cycle Analysis

Hi, P2 Techers-
Does anyone know any neat web sites that deal with Life Cycle Analysis,
particalarly as it might deal with computers, hardware disposal and
Thanks for your help.
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