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P2 Position in Idaho

Here is a job posting for a new and unique position furthering P2 in the
beautiful state of Idaho. I would be happy to address specific questions.
Please note the May 21 postmark deadline.
JOB DESCRIPTION: Idaho GEMStars Program Coordinator
JOB TITLE: Idaho GEMStars Program Coordinator x full-time 
LOCATION: Boise, Idaho 
Idaho GEMStars 
c/o Small Business Development Center 
1910 University Drive 
Boise, ID 83725-1655 
SALARY RANGE: $16.83/hr - $22.40/hr. $35,000/yr. - $46,500/yr. 
REPORTS TO: Idaho GEMStars Coordinating Committee 
FLSA: Non-exempt EEO/AA 
EMPLOYEE OF: Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center,
Seattle, WA 
PURPOSE The purpose of the Idaho GEMStars Program Coordinator is to
coordinate all aspects of the Idaho GEMStars Program and report progress to
the coordinating committee. 
ESSENTIAL DUTIES The Idaho GEMStars Program Coordinator will operate as a
semi-autonomous employee of the Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention
Resource Center (PPRC), a Seattle-based non-profit organization that has
agreed to incubate and administer the program until it becomes established.
The Program Coordinator will report to the PPRC Executive Director and to
the Idaho GEMStars Coordinating Committee. 
Duties include: 
Design and implement Idaho statewide marketing program to increase
awareness and solicit participation, 
Conduct funding/grant activities to support projects and the coordinator
Organize and facilitate meetings of the coordinating committee, 
Establish and maintain communications with industry sectors, groups,
501c(3) organizations, and public agencies, 
Work closely with Idaho's three major universities to establish and
maintain support structure for program, 
Maintain electronic database of participants, 
Manage budget. 
GENERAL DESCRIPTION The Idaho GEMStars Program Coordinator is responsible
for coordinating all aspects of the Idaho GEMStars Program, an
environmental recognition and incentive program that seeks to promote
environmental and community stewardship statewide. The Idaho GEMStars
Program Coordinator is responsible for translating the Idaho GEMStars
concept into a fully operational, fully funded entity that is supported by
Idaho communities, industries, non-governmental organizations and local,
state, tribal and federal governments. Specific responsibilities include
working with the Idaho GEMStars Coordinating Committee to create a
functioning infrastructure for the program; promoting the Idaho GEMStars
program and soliciting participation; providing programmatic support for
Idaho GEMStars activities; securing funding for Idaho GEMStars operations;
and administering the program (with the assistance of the PPRC Chief
Financial Officer). The Idaho GEMStars Coordinator is responsibl! 
e for maintaining an electronic database of program members and their status. 
MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS Suitable candidates are highly motivated and energetic
with demonstrated communication and organizational skills; an understanding
of the business community; experience in program management, grant writing
and budgeting, particularly non-profit administration; and knowledge of
environmental issues facing Idaho. Candidates must possess a bachelor's
degree and two years experience in managing a funded program or a master's
degree in business or public administration or environmental policy. Must
be able to demonstrate past success in communicating with diverse audiences
and program marketing. Knowledge/experience in environmental programs or
issues a plus. Computer proficiency must be demonstrated by experience with
word processing, spreadsheets and Powerpoint. Must be willing to travel and
work weekends. Official travel will be reimbursed. 
The above declarations are not intended to be an all-inclusive list of the
duties and responsibilities of the job described, nor are they intended to
be such a listing of the skills and abilities required to do the job.
Rather, they are intended only to describe the general nature of the job. 

John A. Bernardo 
P2 Coordinator, Idaho DEQ 
1410 N. Hilton 
Boise, ID 83706 
(208) 373-0114 phone 
(208) 373-0342 fax