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Mercury & Cadmium P2 -Reply

I know exactly what you need.


The TWUA pretreatment page has the sources of these pollutants and tips for reductions from each source.  Let us know if you have any trouble navigating the page.

Thomas Vinson
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>>> <Herve.Loge@cum.qc.ca> 05/06/99 08:41am >>>


I am in charge with a mercury and camium sources reduction for a POTW. I am
particulary looking for information about cadmium sources (industrial,
domestics, etc..). I also would be interested in sharing experience and
results with other POTWs (comparison of mercury and cadmium monitoring).

Thanks a lot.

Our project is partialy available at the address :

Hervé Logé
tél.: 514 280 41 26
fax: 514 280 4330
courriel: herve.loge@cum.qc.ca 
Communauté Urbaine de Montréal
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