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Re: Non-mercury thermometers

Rather than buy thermometers for people, why not give them discount
coupons?  Your $750 would pay for 500 $1 off coupons, plus the cost to
make and redeem them.  If you need to spend the money now, I'll bet you
could get a non-profit to handle the redemptions for you; otherwise, it is
pretty easy to do coupon redemption yourself.  The City of Palo Alto runs
a coupon program for thermometers; you can check out their web site
(www.city.palo-alto.ca.us/cleanbay/) for details.

The easiest way to set up such a program fast is to team with a local
pharmacy or two or a local chain (just a few people to contact).  Then,
you create coupons on your own computer (see Palo Alto's Car Wash coupon
program for an example), using a simple design and some brightly colored
paper.  To make the redemptions quick, put an expiration date on it.  If
you're worried about photocopies costing you money, simply put "not valid
without stamp on reverse" on the front, and stamp the backs with a stamp
you have in your office.  When I managed the Palo Alto program, we found
that coupon designs did not have to be fancy, didn't have to have a bar
code, and that stores would take just about anything!  We also found that
the stores were willing to collect a lot of coupons and do the redemption
all at once at the end of a many-month cycle (e.g. when your coupon
expires), which saves cost on redemption.

Good luck.

Kelly Moran
TDC Environmental

Tammy Allen wrote:

> Does anyone have a contact for purchasing non-mercury medical
> thermometers for household use or know of a company chain that would
> provide discount coupons for the purchase of the thermometers.
> The least expensive thermometers I have found are still $2.55 each and
> I have only a $750 budget.  I need to purchase approximately 500 so
> obviously, I need a sponsor or a lower cost per thermometer.  Help!  I
> only have a short time in which to organize a thermometer trade-in for
> homeowners to raise awareness of the sources & proper disposal of
> mercury-containing wastes.