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Subject: EPA names first Energy Star Showcase Campus for P2.

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Subject: EPA names first Energy Star Showcase Campus for P2.

Green Mountain College

Green Mountain College is the Nation’s First Energy StarâShowcase Campus
April 29, 1999. The US Environmental Protection Agency, (EPA) has designated
Green Mountain an Energy StarâShowcase, the first in the country. As part
of a multiyear effort to make its campus as environmentally sensitive as
possible, Green Mountain College of Poultney, VT, has replaced all the
residential light fixtures in dorms and other living spaces. The new
fixtures all meet Energy Starâ standards for energy efficiency and safety.
Working with the EPA's Energy Star BuildingsSM and Green Lights® Partnership
and the Energy Star® Residential Light Fixtures Program, the college has
made a substantial investment in new equipment that will be paid for by the
energy savings, instead of tuition or alumni dollars. Many of these
upgrades have already paid for themselves, and they have improved the
comfort of the school’s offices and classrooms.
Green Mountain College joined Energy Star BuildingsSM, largely because of
its commitment to the environment. The goal of this voluntary effort is to
eliminate energy waste in public and private-sector facilities through the
installation of energy-efficient lighting technologies. Green Mountain
College also hopes to serve as a beacon for other schools that are
considering installing Energy Star® light fixtures. Light fixtures bearing
EPA’s Energy Star® label use 50-70 percent less electricity than
incandescent or halogen lamps with an equivalent light output.
According to Gary Marcy, the school’s energy manager, “We got involved
because Green Mountain has tried to focus on the environment in all aspects
of its curriculum. We’re trying to practice what we preach.”

But the decision to upgrade the school’s lighting wasn’t based solely on
preventing pollution. The school also stood to reap large cost savings. In
the library, for example, air conditioning costs will fall in response to
lower temperature, energy-efficient lights. Green Mountain College is
reinvesting these savings to make the campus even more environmentally
friendly. The new lighting will help pay for water conservation and heating
system improvements. Mr. Marcy noted, “If anybody sits back and looks at
the numbers, they will say wait a minute-why didn’t we do this before?”

The school also saw an immediate change in the quality of its lighting.
“Things are much brighter than they used to be,” Mr. Marcy said.
. The school purchased its new lighting equipment from Teron Lighting,
based in Ohio. Teron has signed an agreement with EPA to manufacture light
fixtures that meet Energy Star® specifications. The college was also helped
by a rebate program through the local utility, Central Vermont Public
Service Company, and by a performance contract with SIEBE Environmental, an
environmental services company based in New Jersey. SIEBE provided and
installed all of Green Mountain’s new lighting equipment.
Green Mountain College is a private four-year, coeducational liberal arts
college where a concern for the environment integrates the academic
curriculum and provides a primary focus for all student activities. Located
in Poultney, VT, Green Mountain will celebrate its 165th anniversary this
The energy to run commercial and industrial buildings in the United
States-including government and educational facilities-produces 14 percent
of US carbon dioxide emissions and costs $90 billion per year. If
implemented in every one of these buildings, the Energy Star BuildingsSM and
Green Lights® upgrade approach could prevent up to 35 percent of the
associated carbon dioxide emissions, which means eliminating emissions
equivalent to those produced by more than 3.5 million cars.
For more information about the Energy Star BuildingsSM and Green Lights
Partnership or the Energy Star Residential Light Fixtures program, call the
Energy Star Hotline at 1-888-STAR-YES (1-888-782-7937), or visit

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