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Mfg. Leaders Conference, Portland OR, Next Week.

Just in case any of you Northwest List members missed this:

A conference for manufacturing leaders is going to be held next week, May 19th
and 20th in Portland, OR.

The conference will introduce tools to help NW Industries use resources more
efficiently to increase productivity, profitability,and sustainability. 

Topics will include:
- Lean Manufacturing       
- Product Stewardship
- Constraints Theory       
- The Natural Step
- Low Cost/No Cost Financial Assistance
- Employee Involvement

The May 19th lunch Keynote talk will be by renowned futurist, Glen Hiemstra.

For more information see http://www.energy.wsu.edu/conf/industry, call
1-800-872-3568, or email me.

Joseph F. Junker P.E.
Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership 
Oregon State University, Extension Energy
341 Batcheller Hall, Corvallis, Oregon, USA  97331-2405

Voice:	541/737-5034     Fax:	541/737-5035
Email:	junkerj@engr.orst.edu