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Re: moss on structures


There was testing done in the Navy that showed borates and carbonates
effective in removing mold and inhibiting regrowth.  Maybe these would
work on moss also.  Cl compounds were avoided there because of potential
for corrosion.  If the structure can handle it, sodium bicarbonate/water
solution impingement might be an option.

Phil Bevilacqua
NJ Technical Assistance Program

Catherine Dickerson wrote:
> Hello all,
> We have an interesting question from one of our local utility folks.  As you can imagine, moss can be (and usually is) a problem in the NW.  Does anyone know of any non-toxic alternative to chemicals commonly in use (sodium hypochlorite, zinc napthanate, copper, ferrous sulphate) for cleaning moss from structures?  Or, any methods that could be used to reduce moss growth on structures?  (This may be one of those things that could be hard to apply from regions that aren't so moist).  Even though
> As always, any leads would be greatly appreciated.
> cmd
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