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Permaculture, ect

A note about permaculture....Permaculture and xeriscaping aren't about
rock gardens and no vegetation!

Water conservation is foremost in New Mexico.  In response to the
serious need to conserve water resources in landscaping people use
permaculture techniques.  They plant drought tolerant grasses (buffalo
grass for example) and then drought tolerant plants with plenty of mulch
and drip irrigation systems.  People tend to minimize the water thirsty
grasses...sometimes grasses are planted in minimal areas but grasses CAN
be planted!  Buffalo grass looks great, needs minimal care and
watering...it only needs to be cut two or three times a season (an
additional enviro benefit results from less air and noise pollution from
lawn mowers!).  Well mulched beds require little to no herbicide
treatment since 4 inches of mulch is an effective weed deterrent  ( I
have never used herbicides in my garden...don't need to).  These gardens
are luxuriant and rival any traditional water thirsty garden or lawn.
Drip irrigation systems are not expensive and you can build them
yourself...the paybacks are quick. Just goes to show that P2 benefits
apply to lawn care as well!  Once you get the bug for this method of
gardening, big, green expansive yards just don't seem so wonderful!

Pat GAllagher
NM Environment Department.