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Re: Tour of Photovoltaic Solar Array Facility, DC area

Dear Bob,

	It's my understanding that Greg Keoleian of the School of Natural
Resources & the Environment at the U of Michigan has done some work
analyzing the life cycle implications of PVs.  He can be reached via
<www.snre.umich.edu/~gregak/cv.pdf> or <www.snre.umich.edu/nppc>.

Reid Lifset

At 09:00 PM 5/10/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Does anyone know if the you must dispose of used photovoltaic cells as a
>hazardous waste?  I understand that some exotic compounds are used in the
>manufacture of these materials.  I also wonder about the life cycle impact
>of these cells.  How much energy does it take to make them (melting of
>silicon, etc.) vs. what they save in the grid?  Are there any web sites on
>these life cycle impacts?  Other renewable energy sources have negative
>impacts such as wind energy conversion that kills endangered birds and
>causes TV reception problems.  These units also use metals that have mining
>and other issues.  With GREEN companies flocking to "renewable energy" I am
>wondering if they have done their homework on the life cycle impacts.  
>At 09:17 AM 5/10/99 -0400, you wrote:
>>The local chapter of The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and
>>Air-conditioning Engineers is sponsoring a tour of the solar array located
>>at Montgomery County Community College in Germantown, MD (Jon's account!)
>>The array generates 26 kW of electricity, supplying 1/3 of the building's
>>peak electric demand, and is the largest such array of its type in the US
>>(2nd in the world).
>>Here's more info:
>>Date:  May 19th   (register by 5/13)
>>Time:  5:45 - 9:00 PM
>>Price:  $30 (includes beer, wine, and light and heavy hors d'oevres)
>>There will be a 1 hour presentation after the tour, which will include
>>discussion of the fundamentals of photovoltaics, design details, cost
>>information, and operational information.
>>Gene Troy, P.E., C.E.M.
>>Sr. Account Manager, ENERGY STAR BuildingsSM and Green Lights( Partnership
>>The Cadmus Group
>>1901 N. Ft. Myer Drive, Suite 1016, Arlington, VA  22209
>>T:  703.558.0215     F:  703.558.0201
>>For information on the ENERGY STAR Buildings and Green Lights Partnership,
>Dr. Robert B. Pojasek 
>Pojasek & Associates 
>P.O. Box 1333 
>E. Arlington, MA 02474-0071
>(781) 641-2422 
>(617) 788-0288 (FAX)

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